Health, Safety & Environmental Management

Health & Safety Policy

Soil Mechanics Pty Ltd believes that the health and safety of its employees is of prime Importance to the success of its operations. The company is committed to conduct its operations in a manner that will not hurt people or endanger their health.

The company policy is zero accidents, and this is a key management objective. In support of this commitment, the following policies form the basis of the company's OH and S. policy.

The company will comply with all applicable regulations and laws related to occupational health and safety in all areas of its business activities.

The company will continually review all aspects of its operations for the purpose of further enhancing safety and health standards over and above ifs legal requirements. All levels of management are responsible for preventing injury and illness.

Management is also responsible to:

  • Provide a safe and healthy working environment.
  • Train employees in safe working practices.
  • Provide effective supervision.
  • Provide information to employees on potential hazards in the workplace and potential exposures that may affect their health.

All employees have a responsibility to work safely and to:

  • Follow nominated safe working procedures.
  • Wear required protective clothing.
  • Care for the safety and health of fellow employees.
  • Immediately report all hazards, accidents and incidents.
  • Acceptance of their responsibilities is a condition of employment.
Soil Mechanics Pty Ltd therefore encourages and expects the participation of all employees in the development and enhancement of the company's occupational health and safety programs.

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