Company Profile: Soil Sampling and Testing, Geotechnical and Environmental Drilling Perth

About Us

Perth based Geotechnical and Environmental Drilling Perth contractor, as a genuine owner operator Soil Mechanics ensures projects are delivered safely and on time. Soil Mechanics’ driller has over 20 year’s industry experience within Australia and abroad with project exposure to some of the largest Geotechnical and Environmental projects in the southern hemisphere.

Our aim is to provide a high standard of work with integrity, support, safety and environmental consideration. Using a small compact drill rigs and certified drillers Soil Mechanics can efficiently tackle any job within its capability.


  • PQ3 Wire line coring
  • HQ3 Wire line coring
  • NQ3 Wire line coring
  • Rotary Mud Flush
  • 3” Hollow stem augers
  • 5” Hollow stem augers
  • SPT/U-tube testing
  • Falling head tests
  • Rising head tests
  • Piezometer and monitoring well installations
  • Vibrating Wire Piezo installations
  • ShapeAccelArray installations
  • Inclinometers installations
  • Soil Sampling and Testing
  • Geotechnical and Environmental Drilling Perth
  • Earth rod installations

Company Profile

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Daniel Van Liefde

Soil Mechanics owner and operator